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The best friend of a smile!

Does your baby like to brush their teeth? The answer is probably "no," right?

Unfortunately, most babies cry and resist when it's time to brush their teeth. The Fun Brush not only takes care of your little one's smile, but also promotes the habit of taking care of their own oral health in an attractive and fun way!

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Health and education should go hand in hand!

With this friendly and attractive design, children can easily gain independence in oral hygiene, making this time much calmer and more pleasant, without crying and without stress!

The Fun Brush is different...

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The material of the Fun Brush is specially designed to ensure the hygiene and safety of your child's mouth.

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The brush is made of non-toxic silicone, which does not harm your baby's health.

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The fun design is meant to entertain the child during brushing so that they don't feel uncomfortable or scared.

Satisfied customers all over the world

I bought it for my baby about 2 weeks ago and now she brushes her teeth on her own!

Sophia C.


My daughter takes it to school, to use after snack time. I recommend it.

Marlowe L.


At first, it was difficult for my little one to adapt. Then, he loved it.

Navy S.


Frequent Questions

From 2 to 12 years old.

No, the bristles are soft, the nozzle is smooth and specially designed not to harm the child's mouth, even if they use it on their own.

No! The bristles are specially designed for a child's needs, without risks of damage, and promoting healthy tooth development.


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